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Investment Services

Investment  Services

People will commonly ask us “What makes you different than working with our advisor at the bank?” No matter where they work, financial advisors play an important role in growing their clients’ financial wealth. Although all advisors have multiple investment options to recommend to their clients, we bring a more comprehensive, more objective approach to investing than most advisors.

As dual-licensed financial advisors, we work with a variety of Canada’s leading mutual fund companies, and life insurance companies, to provide our clients’ with the products and portfolios we believe best support their individual expectations, tolerances and overall objectives. We regard our Investment Services as the design, implementation and management of the various investment products required to support one’s objectives for retirement and estate planning. Furthermore, investment plans are designed to reduce or defer tax on investment income and maximize the returns within each individual investor’s risk tolerance and expectations.

As we are independent, we can construct portfolios from a far broader selection of investment funds than most bank-based advisors. Furthermore, we have the objectivity to select the funds that we believe provide our clients with the best opportunity, for the best overall return at the appropriate level of risk. We leverage research and insights through Canada’s leading fund analytics company -Morningstar – to carefully determine which investments funds we believe make the grade and furthermore, use a proprietary software program – Portfolio Insights – to enable us to continue to modify the progress and composition of all our clients’ investment assets.

We are confident this methodology and objectivity enables us to provide unbiased, impartial recommendations to our clients.

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The responsibilities of an executor are both demanding and difficult. For most executors, their "on the job" training is the only experience they have in dealing with the challenges of their role.

One of the key responsibilities is filing the deceased's terminal tax return and paying all outstanding taxes.

One opportunity not frequently leveraged is the opportunity to make a RRSP contribution after death in order to reduce the taxes otherwise payable from the estate.

Although an executor cannot contribute to the RRSP of someone deceased, the executor can contribute to a spousal RRSP and enable the estate to get the tax deduction.

Considering the possibility of additional income taxes the year of death, and considering the limited window of opportunity to reduce or eliminate those taxes, this is a strategy that can save the estate tens of thousands of dollars in tax.

We start accumulating RRSP room once we start working. As many Canadians cannot afford to maximize their annual contributions to their retirement savings, Canada Revenue Agency allows us to carry forward all unused RRSP room. After years of carry forward, it is not uncommon for people to have contribution room in excess of $100,000.

Executors can make the spousal RRSP contribution the year of death, or up to 60 days after the year of death, thereby creating a tax deduction against other income earned.

Professional advise may be needed to maximize the benefit of this strategy but it is something that should be considered when the opportunity is available.
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